Our vehicles and units :

 HV01: 3000L Hyrdrovac unit with boom. 5000psi 1550L water. (Mine spec)
 HV02: 3000L Hydrovac unit. 3000psi 1550L water. (Mine spec)
 HV04: 1000L Hydrovac unit 3000psi 1000L water
 HV05: 1000L Hydrovac trailer. 3000psi 400L water. (Mine spec)
 HV07: 4500L Hydrovac unit with boom. 5000psi 2200L water. (Origin mine spec)
 EX02: 4 tonne Kubota excavator with buckets and trencher. (Mine spec)
 EX01: 1.8 tonne Kubota excavator with buckets on trailer.
 6 tonne Isuzu tipper. (Mine spec)
 Telstra cable jinkers.
 Redmond Gary cable winch 2KN & 10KN pulling power.

Our units are generally hired out as wet hires but can be dry hired if the situation requires it.
All units come with appropriate safety equipment required for the specific site and project.
All vehicles and units are serviced on a routinely basis as recommended by the manufacturer to keep the units working in the field to their best potential.